About Cosmic Cajun

How "New Cajun" came to be

Creator of Cosmic Cajun, Eddie Isolani

My culinary background served me well as a bachelor and then again after I married. My wife came to our marriage with the desire to be a great wife, with The Joy of Cooking cookbook in hand. She had never taken an interest in cooking and I discovered that there really was no tradition of great females in the kitchen in her family–her mother was a doctor and couldn’t boil water.

The men in her family were the cooks. I, however patient I wanted to be, could not help but try to improve whatever was on the stove. After a year of marriage, I took advantage of the opportunity her first pregnancy presented and took over the cooking duties. I became the Chef and shopper and she took over the cleanup–no small task. We raised two children, a daughter and a son.

Chef Michael

My son, Chef Michael

Our son (Michael) is now a classically trained chef working in a 4 star restaurant in New Orleans. I didn’t even know he was watching! He was also a contributor in the development of Cosmic Cajun along with my eldest daughter Katie.Around the age of forty I developed some issues with Hypertension. One of the important dietary things I learned was how much sodium was in packaged products–especially all purpose Cajun seasoning products that I frequently used along with most every one else.

By the way, these products have not really reduced the amount of salt in their seasoning blend over the years. So, in self defense, I started mixing my own base seasoning of the spices I most frequently used together and that were used by the best Cajun and Creole cooks.

Over the years, friends and family have been constant in their praise of my cooking and I believe it’s because of the way I season foods without overwhelming the natural flavor of the food or making food to spicy hot or too salty to be enjoyable to most folks. Remember good Cajun food is South Louisiana country cooking it not spicy hot, it is wonderfully flavorful.

Now that I am retired, I have the time to share this with my friends and family but putting it together is pretty time consuming and difficult in large batches in the kitchen. So this is how Cosmic Cajun Universal seasoning came to be–why not package and share it with everyone?

I hope you enjoy it as much as we do and it gives you the confidence to try something new in your kitchen!

-Edwino Isolani