What Makes Cosmic Cajun So Special?

More spices, less salt than other seasoning blends
Cosmic Cajun Universal Seasoning is largely made up of spices and not mostly salt, like other “shake-on” seasonings. Here’s a couple of tips to help  goof-proof your cooking:

For meats, it’s most effective when rubbed in with your favorite oils (olive, canola, sesame) and given a chance for the flavors to permeate.

For sauces, add during the blending process–if it’s a sauce that doesn’t need to be heated, give it some time to “blossom” and let those spices compliment your dish.

cosmic Cajun universal seasoning blend

Wait till you try Cosmic Cajun Universal Seasoning!

It goes beyond conventional Cajun fare; in fact, we’ve dubbed it “the new Cajun”–the next generation of Cajun creole all-purpose seasoning.

It was developed not only as a seasoning for meats and seafood but also to be used as  a base of spices used in gumbos, sauces, beans and many other savory dishes.

It has a smaller proportion of salt than many popular Cajun seasonings for two reasons: first- too much salt is bad for your health, second- it makes it easier for inexperienced home cooks to make tasty dishes without accidentally over salting.

Cooking isn’t an exact science and Cosmic Cajun isn’t totally goof proof (you can over season anything if you try hard enough) but just about! You’ll never be disappointed if you follow the directions and your own personal taste. Try out some of our home-tested recipes to get you started!

Use Cosmic Cajun Universal seasoning to wake up the flavor of your every day dishes. It will bring out the wonderful natural flavors (without MSG) and give your meals a blast of true Cajun and Creole experience.